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Gail Sirna
Sorry, but Gail's classes have been cancelled.
Artistry in Aqua Thumbnail
Artistry in Aqua

Fountain and Flowers thumbnail
Fountain & Flowers

Maureen Sorenson
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Pink Picotee Begonia Pin Thumbnail
Pink Picotee Begonia Sewing Clamp

Thursday, 5/18     2pm – 4pm

Pierre Peacock thumbnail
Pierre Peacock

Friday, 5/19     9am – 11am

Pin Cube thumbnail
Pin Cube - Reproduction Vintage

Saturday, 5/20     9am – 11am

Cathy Lyon
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Tassels Galore Thumbnail
Tassels Galore

Friday, 5/19     12pm – 4pm

Pat Cherry and Peggy Tipton
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Herman the hedgehog peyote fob thumbnail HERMAN (The Hedgehog) Peyote Fob

Friday, 5/19     3pm – 5pm

Amanda Pelon
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Floral Basics Thumbnail
Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Friday, 5/19     1pm - 3pm

Pelon Monsters thumbnail
Monster Pockets

Friday, 5/19     9am - 11am

Michelle Arsenault
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Release the Fear of Hardanger Thumbnail
Release the Fear of Hardanger!

Thursday, 5/18     6pm – 8pm

Christmas Heart thumbnail
Christmas Heart

Saturday, 5/20     2pm – 5pm

Heather Rushforth
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Basic Flat Finishing Thumbnail
Basic Flat Finishing

Saturday, 5/20     3pm – 5pm

Finishing Consultations thumbnail
Finishing Consultation

Friday, 5/19     12pm – 2pm

Louise Henderson
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Louise Henderson's Oval box thumbnail
Painted Box

Friday, 5/19     9am – 12pm

Henderson Lucy's Pocket Project thumbnail
Lucy’s Pocket

Saturday, 5/20     8am – 1pm

Cissy Smith
See Her Class
Old Salem Sewing Set

Saturday, 5/20     9 am - 4pm

Ginger Rains
See Her Class
Custom Needlework Framing

Saturday, 5/20     12pm – 2pm