Amanda Pelon

Amanda Pelon Florals on Hankerchief imageSilk Ribbon Embroidery

Friday, 5/19 1pm – 3pm

The elegance and beauty of silk ribbon embroidery was originally only for the enjoyment of European royalty. No longer restricted to official court workshops - in just a few hours you can learn the basics of silk-ribbon embroidery. The delicate petals of violets, the bold yellow of a sunflower, the soft pinks of roses can bring charm and whimsy to any stitching project.

Students will learn to stitch on a handkerchief so you can carry your own small garden wherever you go. No experience with silk ribbon is needed, but some basic embroidery skills are expected. The kit includes a cotton handkerchief, silk thread, silk ribbon, and needles.

Students are expected to provide an 4”-6" embroidery hoop, needlework scissors, additional light and magnification if needed.

Monster Pockets by Amanda PelonMonster Pocket - A Youth Stitching Class

Friday, 5/19 9am – 11am

This class is just for the youngest stitchers! What would your monster look like? Big eyes? Small teeth? Silly orange hair? Maybe it's a special princess monster? Absolutely no experience necessary - students will learn four basic embroidery stitches to make your own Monster Pocket. The finished pocket will be suitable for carrying pocket tissues, pocket money, or other special pocketed treasures. It's time to play!

The instructor has 10 years experience working with young people as a clown and more than 30 years stitching. The kit includes felt, thread, needle, and thimble. Students must be mature enough to handle sharp scissors.

Amanda Pelon photoAmanda Pelon

Amanda has been stitching from a very young age. She has extensive experience with cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel and silk ribbon embroidery. Her passion is for surface embellishment with handwork in multiple media. In 2013, she started her own Laughing Frogs Studio where she creates bespoke textile pieces. Amanda is excited to be teaching for Spirit of Stitching.